Roulette Online in Singapore

The simplicity of roulette’s rules has brought this casino game immense popularity since its introduction in the romantic Paris of 1800s. Most especially, the depth of betting choices and payout rewards always brings crowds around roulette tables.

At Luxbet, you’ll find the same degree of excitement when playing roulette online in Singapore as you would in a real-life casino. Everything you have to do is dedicate a few minutes to the registration process and you can start winning at roulette in Singapore!

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The Basics of Roulette at Luxbet

Luxbet’s online roulette is identical to the real game bettors know and love. Here’s everything you need to know in order to start playing and winning big. Although it looks intimidating, the game is quite simple. There are two main components, the cloth-covered table layout and the roulette mechanism that names the game.

The table always has the same numbers as the wheel, namely 1 through 36, one 0 (and another 00 in some versions). In addition to this, the cloth layout has several options that facilitate betting. These include 1 to 18, 19 to 36, black, red, even, odd, and first to third. Everything you have to do now is think of your lucky combo and place your bet.

The best part about roulette online in Singapore starts now, once the bets are made. With a swift movement, the wheel begins to spin and that glamorous, pearly-white ball is sent rolling onto it. Depending on where the ball lands, as well as where you placed your bet, this is the moment where your luck is decided.

Here’s the type of bets you can place when playing roulette in Singapore. Naturally, the most exciting ones are those that have a lower chance of coming to fruition. However, they tend to be exponentially more profitable:

  • Betting on six numbers in the six-line configuration will give you 5 times your initial bet.
  • You can opt for the corner, four-number bet, which will yield an impressive 8 times the money you put down on the roulette table.
  • You can bet on three numbers, often referred to as a street bet. The payout here will be an outstanding 11 times your money.
  • Things get even more exciting in split bets, wherein people bet on just two possible numbers. The odds of these are quite small, which is why you’ll be getting a whopping 17 times your initial bet if you’re correct.
  • The “straight-up” bet is the ultimate online roulette win that will always make you rich. Whatever money you put down, the house will give you 35 times that amount.

Lastly, Luxbet’s roulette in Singapore also offers “outside” bets, such as choosing a broader interval (from 1 to 12, for instance), whether the ball will land on an odd or even number, but also if it will stop on the colour red or black.

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Reliable Payments and Withdrawals

Whenever you perform a transaction on Luxbet, you can be sure that it will be processed in real time. This means that your money will be available within minutes of your deposit, an expedite process you can also rely on for withdrawals.

We constantly update our transfer policies so that all of your transactions run smoothly and safely. At any time of the day, you can count on us to process your deposits and make sure you can place your bet.

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